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Free Paranormal Podcasts

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There’s nothing like a spooky story to listen to on a dark night – for me usually when walking the spaniel. Podcasts are a great source of listening material and a couple of free paranormal podcasts are regular additions to may playlist.

The first is Mysterious Universe which is a mix of news stories and interviews. They have a free show and you can support the show and get extra episodes. As well as an entertaining mix of stories from aliens, yeti, channeling and ghosts, there is some great music. The audio mix is superb and has some of the highest production values I have heard on a podcast. All stories are presented as entertainment only but not mocking. As a parent, I would not recommend for children though 🙂

The second is the Paracast which has recently moved to broadcast on the GCN American radio network. This is a talk based show usually a long discussion format with an author and you get nearly 3 hours in this weekly show. The presenters and contributors are into all aspects of the paranormal and take it seriously though the host throws in a cynics point of view now and again. Again not a show for children. Perhaps a gap in the market for a spooky childrens podcast?

If you only try one, try Mysterious Universe – definitely a lighter and glossier show. Paracast can be rather long on a single topic.

Now I should address why I listen to these being Christian. Partly it is entertainment with some great stories and partly to see how other people reason their beliefs and what they are. I have met numerous ‘normal’ people who ascribe our origins to aliens or something else yet never even watch a sci-fi show or read a book on the topic! I also enjoy the discussion of alternative views of history and ancient civilizations which were more advanced than the conservative academic accepted view. A good chunk of my other podcasts are Christian and others are technology based. To some, my beliefs would be as wacky as UFO’s building the Great Pyramid but of course I have put them up to rather high scrutiny (as do some of the saucer people to be fair). Here’s one of my favourite link for proof of God and a little test to see whether you need God.

Happy listening – would appreciate any podcasts recommendations you have!


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December 29, 2010 at 10:34 am

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