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180 Movie

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A must watch…


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October 22, 2011 at 8:24 am

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Reformation Day – Historical Halloween Happenings

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Firstly, this is my Halloween post in advance! Secondly, I am no historian so check the facts in a few sources.

The 31st of October is also Reformation Day to commemorate the actions of Martin Luther sparked by another drive to sell (indirectly via alms giving) indulgences by the Pope. I find Luther an interesting character but more interesting how the politics of Europe at the time, moved around him in support and refutation of his ideas. It is also important to remember protestations against the rule of the Popes and Rome have a long history prior to Luther. Despite his prominence, Luther is selectively referenced due to some ‘Catholic’ practises and apparent anti-Semitic views.

There is much to record in his pivotal life that cannot be covered here. So embedded below is Chapter 9 from Foxes Book of Martyrs which is a short account of Luther’s life. You can get the entire audio book for free here. I should warn you some of the other chapters get a bit grizzly!

Foxe’s Book of Martyrs – Chapter 9 Martin Luther by daftspaniel

As a closing insight on what sparked Luther’s protest, indulgences, it must be noted that they are still on the go today though abuse has been much reduced since the Counter Reformation. Here’s a link on the BBC from the current Pope on indulgences at Lourdes. This is not buying forgiveness of sins but avoiding temporal punishment. For me, this is still an abuse of their followers and still an example of chequebook spirituality.

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October 9, 2010 at 10:23 am

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Music & Poetry at Barry Mill

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Back to local history it seems! Next to Carnoustie is Barry and Barry has had a water powered mill for around 5 centuries. More info at wikipedia. Last year a local group managed to ‘Save Barry Mill‘ from closure. This was partly fund-raising but also getting people attending. A number of events were organised including a couple of music nights. Last year was great fun so Marta and I looked forward to a night of ‘music/poetry/comedy’. A different format and it worked well. Of course my Flip Camera came along too and below is a collection of highlights of the second half of the evening.


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June 22, 2010 at 7:43 pm

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Local History – John Knox

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Going by the photo’s of a spaniel on the beach on this blog, you would probably guess that I live on the coast. We are lucky enough to have a beach just a few minutes away. Across the water from this beach is St. Andrews – not far as the crow flies but a little bit of a drive via Dundee.

The town of St. Andrews is pivotal in Scottish (world?) history for many reasons. Not least due to John Knox – there is an excellent Wikipedia article about his life.

There is much a modern reader might find objectionable or at least uncomfortable in his life. A man of God carrying a sword, sermons causing riots, meddling in politics, publishing anonymous attacks? However his strong will, radical ideas and example of individuals struggling any way they can against oppressive governments has universal appeal.

So as I stroll along with the sand with Dandy, I try to picture a chained Knox in a French galley rowing away from Scotland. His strong will forming to return to his home country one day and preach the true Gospel of grace once again. For all his mixing with Queens and great minds such as Calvin, his dedication and faith in giving the Gospel to the people were his primary focus and not political reform and social programmes.


Knox’s grave is in the middle of an Edinburgh car park. This is a scandal. I think Scotland needs a loud, brash and un-PC Knox preacher of today to stir things up but maybe not to riots with a two handed sword!

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June 12, 2010 at 7:39 am

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