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HTML5 – Generate Landscapes with Canvas

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I have been hacking away at the HTML5 canvas again and have moved away from the building block look of previous efforts. I did venture to Java and back to Javascript which means I need a less intensive way to generate the landscape. Thankfully I turned up some good ideas and even pseudocode on a few games forums. I have not decided yet on a platform for this program and each prototype iteration has been a move. Python/Pygame would be nice, .Net has potential (Xbox?), Java (web, Android) – right now the portability of HTML5 is very tempting though getting worker threads running has issues and a few other vital features are a little immature. Most platforms have enough drawing primitives to support it (though alpha channels on Java in Linux are really slow). Hmm bit of ramble there but any suggestions appreciated 🙂

Anyway, here’s a screenshot of the current HTML5 output which renders near instantly at page load. The clouds are a recent addition and are slightly alpha blended.

When sufficiently mature I’ll add some buttons and pop it up here again. Not likely to be this side of Christimas though maybe before 2011.


Written by daftspaniel

December 23, 2010 at 10:25 pm

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Shape and the Stylus – My iPad Thoughts

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I try and keep this blog relatively geek-free but one tech topic that has come to mind recently is worthy of a wider audience than my ‘coder’ blog. Yes it is those smartphones and tablets. Don’t worry I am not going to drone on about dataplans, signal coverage or apps! This is about shape, price and form factor.

I have used mobile devices and touch screens for many years when I was given an early Palm Pilot at work. These were amazing devices for the day. Remember a decent PC cost you around £1000 and here was something that would fit in your pocket that could run some decent applications for around £150. These devices got me used to using a stylus on a small device.

The iPad looks very nice and a bit expensive. Probably safe to say it will never have a stylus! This is a shame as both can work well together. My Nokia phone is touch most of the time but I can pull out the stylus based on preference (text entry for me). Android seems touch focussed too – I do not know of any stylus based devices for it. It would be nice to grow my iPod touch to an iPad size but only ‘nice’.

My dream tablet device would be as follows – 7 to 10 inches, Stylus + touch input, optional keyboard, Wifi only, thin and running a Google OS (Android or ChromeOS). What sparked this imaginary device was watching some people with smartphones. People I saw seemed more comfortable holding the stylus and given the productivity boost and familiarity, I can’t see it going away. It has mass appeal.

One other little quirk I have with mobile devices is price. Okay maybe we all are price quirky! I don’t like small devices to cost more that the Palm Pilot price of at very maximum £200. There’s something uncomfortable about carrying £400 of device in a pocket, sitting it on a table in a cafe or handing it to a child. So I hope a Google device can deliver on the £100 price point.

Okay two techie blog posts in a row. Something very different next time I promise!

Written by daftspaniel

June 19, 2010 at 5:39 am