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Building a Local website

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Last year, with an online buddy, we launched a community website for our local town Carnoustie – OurCarnoustie.co.uk using Google Sites. It is simple technically but has proven popular over the past few months.

Many local websites have been attempted but often fail due to being out of date or losing momentum. Two things that have helped Our Carnoustie stay fresh are actively collecting news and even information and secondly being connected to social media. Twitter and Facebook have proven valuable for making connections. We have carried out some offline publicity in the form of business cards but turning up at events and chatting to people has been most effective. It’s rewarding to hear people being positive about the site and the town. Also nice to meet some people who use the site who don’t post comments etc.

We have been making plans for the future of the site which is a community project run by 2 people. It may be inevitable that a formal group is required. Essential though is keeping the project fun. It is a good testing ground for ideas – we ran a chatroom one night at a few hours notice and had 20 participants who kept going until midnight!


Written by daftspaniel

July 4, 2010 at 9:57 am

Posted in Scotland, Web

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