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iOS4 Power Issues

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I was keen to upgrade to iOS4 from when I first heard about it. Free and a few nice features. Sadly there is one big bug – the power gets drained very fast. Appears related to wifi so avoiding surfing seems to stop it from going down. If you want your alarm to wake you in the morning, turn wifi off before you sleep!

How’s the fix coming along Steve?

Update Jumping to Airplane mode seems to help but switching settings spoils the fun on an ‘instant on’ device. If I get the time, it looks like the full backup, reset and restore is required. Bah!

Update Okay full reset and restore done last night. Took about an hour end to end. Some light usage of the Touch on wifi and battery has dropped a bit. Not convinced of any improvement.

Update Accidently left with Wifi on overnight and it didn’t drain. However it did drain fast tonight with light usage. Beginning to suspect this is a triggered behaviour…


Written by daftspaniel

July 1, 2010 at 9:04 pm

Posted in iPodTouch

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