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Video Podcasting You Tube to the iPhone / iPod Touch

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Earlier this year I bought and iPod Touch for podcasts, music and web. I have been happy with it as a gadget and it is a big step up from my HP iPaq. One of the things I wanted to do was more video podcasts. Whilst doing a little googling I stumbled across and interesting site called RssHandler which neatly turns URLs such as a YouTube Users page into a video podcast. Best of all it is free and higher quality than most of the YouTube applications that are bundled with mobile devices.

Ok to take you through an example, say I want to subscribe to


I would go to this page and paste the link into the Channel URL box, pick a format (MP4 probably best) and hit the Generate button.

This will give you a long link which you can paste into your Podcast software such as iTunes:


Fullscreen capture 21032009 170751 Fullscreen capture 21032009 170803 Fullscreen capture 21032009 170834 Fullscreen capture 21032009 170929

And that is it – enjoy your YouTube on the move!!

And be sure to visit the Fish With Trish blog too.


Written by daftspaniel

March 21, 2009 at 5:43 pm

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